Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Meaning of Oreo

Nathan Winograd wrote an article perfectly illustrating what all my beef is with Oreo's death. My main points being, why was she killed when she was offered a lifetime home by a qualified rescue group and was there anyone actually qualified to assess her temperament that said she was beyond rehabilitation? Another important issue that hadn't occurred to me until reading this was that the ASPCA is publicly funded and as such has a responsibility to listen when its financial providers are in outrage at its decisions. Ed Sayres was quoted as saying to USA Today "There is no room for No Kill as morally superior." Really, laziness at the cost of animal's lives is on the same level as being completely dedicated to doing all that you can to save an animal's life? Non profit doesn't mean non corrupt. Few things are ever as simple as they appear to be. Stories like this make me ever the more thankful and in awe of Austin Pets Alive's tireless and pure dedication to their mission, not a single thing they do is counter to their aims. Ellen Jefferson and Palmer Neuhaus are deities in my book. Anyhow, you can read Winograd's article at the link below.

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